1. I dont know who bewitched Nigerians, ZOO People..
2. How do you think you can stop us? You are wasting your time..
3. And I ask the yoruba people, is this how you are going to run a country ? Yoruba, why are you supporting evil?..

4. All the money they borrow, they use it to bribe people to frustrate IPOB, and yet they are failing…
5. The only thing holding the ZOO together today is Yoruba lie and deceit..
6. This year, we are mounting a relentless pressure that the world will know, there is nobody in ASO ROCK..

7. What the yoruba’s are doing now is exactly what they did to us during the war, they coverd our media spaces…
8. I keep asking them, yoruba why are you always on the side of evil?…
9. Let me have some water, that is something Jubril cannot do..
10. G.O.C Is stealing in Biafraland, Alamajiri (ndi oshi)..
11. The Army they bring to us are the ones perpetuating criminality, only GOVERNOR Nyeson Nwike has the temerity to confront this evil government..
12. If you stand on the pact of truth, the yoruba media will not like you..

13. Bokoharam is a very BIG business, and now Coronavirus is yet another BIG business for them..
14. They are now performing
“audio autopsy” in KANO without knowing exactly what is the actual course of death.
15. The only reason why Yoruba leaders want one Nigeria, is so that they continue stealing.
16. Let us divert attention away from our incompetence, let us say, “given us Jonathan’s account”.
17. It was TINUBU that took the Buhari’s campaigne team abroad to buy off all the world media to create their own narratives.

18. When Soyinka put money meant for road safety, into his personal account to accrue interest, Babangida said to him, you see you are like us.
19. Yoruba all these your satanic tendency gravitating towards evil, it will consume you..
20. They are panicking, they have cut off Facebook
21. Yoruba, ana’m aku ha mgbada nwuru anwu na isi.
22. Tell me one yoruba leader that held a public office and was not corrupt?
23. Who is the idiot looking for patience bank account, ka anyi hu ya anya.
24. Patience Jonathan is untouchable,
you don’t go after her without going after Aisha Buhari.
25. Since we all going to be Investigators now, we are going to ask for thief TINUBU’s account and all of you Fulani criminals.

26. Fulani do you think we are not aware about Dangote’s money laundering business?
27. You are looking for Patience bank account, (unu akugo aka na tipper bu conkri)
28. Why is Jonathan responding to them, what for? Have they gone to the family’s of Umaru Diko?..
29. Yoruba!! Is that why you put so much pepper in your food to chase away evil??
30. You see all these Sabo, both the one with feeding bottles & walking sticks, they all want power and it didnt start today..

31. We are live, we are the true light, and darkness has disappeared..
We must continue.
32. And on that note we bring this proceedings to an end, for Biafra today’s broadcast, Biafra is our Religion, here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me, from here, is Goodevening..
Compiled by
Mazi Ikechukwu Onuorah.

By Dez Mayorz

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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