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Justice for Ikoku boys : 1million Youth for New Rivers State still silent.

-AMADI JUSTICE (Port Harcourt).

The silence of the “1 Million Youth for the New Rivers State” on the killing of Ikoku mechanic Chima and the excessive torture of the remaining Ikoku boys is very appalling.
The Ikoku mechanics are also among the Rivers State Youth. One of the boys even attended the march (rally) done in Port Harcourt local government by the 1Million Youth.

The total silent of the leadership of 1 millions youth on such a sensitive matter might question their profile and responsibilities towards the welfare of  Rivers youth or if it’s just for political campaign, because the movement is not for politicians alone but also youths in the streets.

Rivers State youth

The Ikoku boys might not have been a fully registered members because they are mechanics and not politicians, but they are grassroot lovers of the movement.

Almost all the necessary movement and body in Rivers State have reacted or sympathized with the family of Chima and Ikoku boys and condemned the evil act of the Nigerian police.
Even the Rivers State government have sympathised with the people affected through a statement made by Marshal Obuzor.
The Mayor of Port Harcourt City Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche, Hon Chinyere Igwe, others, have all shown their sympathy and sadness over the horrible development.

The leadership of the movement led by the deputy speaker Rt Hon Ehie Edison and Hon M. Jack should get involved and ensure that those who did such evil didnt go unpunished. There is possibility that they might be doing something behind the scenes, but such pronounced movement in Rivers State is expected to publicly make statement on vital issues and not just posting birthday wishes.

Rivers youth

DEZ MAYORZ reported that four policemen have been arrested and detained by the Rivers State Police Command over the death of a mechanic, Ikwunado Chima, in a cell.

The policemen, including the Investigation Police Officer, simply identified as Sam, were said to have been arrested and detained on Monday at the State Criminal Investigation Department in Port Harcourt.

It was alleged that the four policemen, who are members of the Eagle Crack, had subjected Chima and four others to extreme torture, a development that led to the death of the mechanic.

It was also learnt that the Commander of the Eagle Crack team, Benson Adetuyi, was not among those arrested because he was not aware of the ordeal Chima and four others went through.

Recall DEZ MAYORZ reported how Port Harcourt City Mayor Victor Ihunwo Nyeche visited Ikoku and calm down the protesting traders. Also Hon Chinyere Igwe (lawmaker representing Port Harcourt City Federal constituency 2) paid the Ikoku traders a visit and sympathize with them.

“Four policemen involved in the torture of Chima and his friends have been arrested and detained. They were detained at the State CID because of the role they played in Ikwunado Chima’s death. We learnt that they are still investigating the matter,” a security source told our DEZ MAYORZ and other media correspondents.

Recall that Chima, a mechanic in Ikokwu, died in the cell at the Mile One Police Station after he was tortured by the police, who arrested him alongside four of his friends, claiming they were cultists.

However, there has been an uproar over the death of the mechanic, even as the court, last week, discharged Chima’s friends, ruling that they were arrested based on mere suspicion.

Confirming the detention of the four policemen over the alleged torture and death of Chima, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, said they were invited and questioned.

Omoni told DEZ MAYORZ and other media corespondents that the four policemen were detained after they were questioned, adding that investigation was still ongoing on the matter.

“They (four cops) were detained after questioning, pending the end of the investigation,” the state police spokesman stressed.

On the second autopsy expected to be carried out on the body of the late Chima, Omoni explained that the police were still waiting for the family of the deceased to provide their own pathologist that will be part of the autopsy.

“We are ready for the second autopsy, but we are waiting for the family of the deceased to provide their own pathologist,” Omoni said.

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