War roams as South East and South south set to reject 77 toll gates in their zone.

Toll gates.

War roams as South East and South south set to reject 77 toll gates in their zone.

The Nigerian civil war hasn’t ended. The Nigerian government is still fighting the South East and South south.
This got peopleĀ  crying.

Biko nu, who did the Southerners offend in this county Nigeria?

Just Nego du!

-South-East 56 Toll Gates
-South-South 21 TollGates
-South-West 22 Toll Gates
-North-Central 14 Toll Gates
-North-West 12 Toll Gates
-North-East 9 Toll Gates
Why this rude insult to Nd’Igbo and south south people.

We MUST fight to resist this.
We demand emergency meeting of South-East Governors, senators and House of representatived.

(Rt Hon Chuma Nzeribe).

1. 5 states of SE with 56 toll gates
2. 7 states of NW with 12 toll gates
3. 6 states of NE with 9 toll gates
4. 6 states of NC with 14 toll gates

Total toll gates in the 19 states of the north are = 35
Irony of the who thing is that SE with only 5 states have more toll gates ( 56) than the entire 19 states of the North with 35 toll gates – higher with and by 21 toll gates.

Who then can say that SE is not under siege and properly exploited. SE has more police checkpoints than any other region in Nigeria. SE has the greatest numbers of dilapidated road networks than any other region.

6 states of SS with 21 toll gates.
6 states of SW with 22 toll gates
7. 5 states of the SE with 56 toll gates
*Total number of toll gates in the South* = *99*
South = 99
North = 35
Difference = *64*
The north claims to have the highest population and yet, will pay the lowest of the toll gate fees.

It will not happen. It will fail like RUGA.

Okoye Chidiebele

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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