Mc Senator.

Taylors are more reliable than Rivers State policitians – Mc Senator.

The Southern Nigeria compere Mc Senator DHM has lambasted the  irresponsibility and non challant attitude of some Nigerian politicians especially the Rivers State politicians.
Said that Taylors who sew clothes are more useful, reliable and relevant in the society than the modern Nigerian politicians, who say things they can’t do and make promises they can’t keep.

McSenator made this known in his reaction to the news that Rivers State politicians gathered for Hon Ken Chikere grand daughter church child dedication in Port Harcourt, where Gov Nyesom Wike and other Rivers State politicians were in attendance.

Below is his statement :
“….? This days politicians, even Taylors dey more reliable than them ?” – Mc Senator.

Remember that no Rivers State prominent politician attended the two days Rivers State Entertainment Summit and Workshop where the creative Youth of Rivers State discussed their options on how to generate revenue for the state, curb insecurity and make living in the Entertainment Industry, rather they chose to attend one of them grand daughter church child dedication.

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