NB: currently this road is now constructed after this report was made in 2019.

Nkwo Ifitedunu road: big Pressure on Cosco Construction Company and Gov Willie to deliver.

-Contractors without Capacity: Lawmakers to make law to checkmate contractors.

– Nkwo Ifitedunu market road to Abba town must be fixed.

Ifitedunu people are grateful to the Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano and believe in his mission and capacity to carry Ifitedunu people along in his government which is confirmed by the the appointment of Hon Mark Okoye Jr to position of repute commissioner in Anambra state government and the emergence of Hon Lawrence Chukwunwike Ezeudu as the Chief whip of Anambra state House of Assembly and they are living up and beyond expectations in IFITEDUNU.
Ifitedunu are grateful to the governor.

The Ifitedunu people together with Online Media Practitioners (Bloggers) wish to bring the attention of Gov Willie Obiano to the devastating state of Nkwo Ifitedunu market road which the Cosco Construction company are dancing “soapy dance” on.

Nkwo Market Junction Ifitedunu is one of the most important place in the Ifitedunu village. It’s the road that leads to the village compound of Veteran Nigeria musicians Paul and Peter Okoye (P Square).
It’s the center of Ifitedunu local economy where business and trading take place.

The Nkwo Ifitedunu Market road is in a state of anarchy as a result of unfinishing shallow work done by Cosco Construction that channels drainage system from Abba town to Nkwo Ifitedunu junction without proper construction directives.

The Anambra State Chief Whip Hon Lawrence Chukwunwike Ezeudu (Chief Whip) have done his part as the lawmaker representing Dunukofia LGA to rescue the state of the Nkwo market road.
He has used his office and influence to attract the Gov of Anambra State to award a mega contract to COSCO CONTRACTORS to do the road without relenting, but still Cosco Construction Ltd have not done any significant work on the road.

Last year December on the said road, Hon Lawrence Ezeudu successfully did a palliative on that Nkwo Market road. He has been continuously moving motions concerning the road in the state assembly.
This good gesture of the chief whip exempted the honourable from the rat of his people.

It is on the record that COSCO CONTRACTORS have been mobilized. How come the road is still in jeopardy as old women who go to the market on Nkwo Market days do fall and break their legs on gutters as a result of massive erosion going on the road.
The Ifitedunu Youths and women are no longer happy, and may embark on massive protest or cramp on the Cosco Contraction company and the governor himself.

Suggestions on how Gov Willie Obiano should solve this problem once and for all:

1. Call the Contractor(s) {Cosco Construction limited} to order by effectively funding the contractors if he has not. But if the contractor is paid to a great extend but lacks capacity to deliver, then Gov Willie Obiano should do the needful by either executively making the contractor to deliver or by revolting the contract.

It’s crystal clear that the governor is miraculously doing well in developing the Anambra State economy, construction of roads, security, Agriculture, education, Health etc which pays a better results because the GDP (IGR) has increase tremendously, making Anambra State people not to feel or witness the economic recession hardship in Nigeria.
And it’s on this note we call on the governor of Anambra State His Excellency Gov Willie Obiano to come to the aid of the Ifitedunu people and fix Nkwo Ifitedunu road, which will develop the market, hence boost the economy system in the state.

The Anambra State House of Assembly lawmakers should okay a law that will checkmate Contractors without capacity such as:

Establishment of the Joint Task Force on Construction Industry Fraud, which will work to identify and combat “unfair contracts and trade practices, including tax fraud, revalidation of contract method” among the Nigeria construction businesses.
This law if made is for resolution, particular aim at construction companies that commit wage/payment violations that result in poor execution of contracts, underpayment or nonpayment of taxes.

Nigerian states should imitate foreign countries laws that abide contractors and make necessary laws to check mate contractors without capacity by embracing Secured Guarantee Method of awarding contracts, where banks take responsibility of paying the contractors and monitoring the efficacy of the work done. This will help to checkmate corruption and unnecessary delay in the contract execution.

The government should do everything possible to avoid revalidation of contracts by paying the contractors in time.
The government should not award contracts when they are not fully ready to fund the project.
The government should stop awarding contracts halfway during elections and after the elections they abandon the project.

NB: Currently, the road is well constructed with this new look below.


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OMPAN chairman (Rivers State chapter)

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