Rivers Women Protest serial killings of Rivers women in Hotels, send petition to CP.

Serial killing of Rivers women in Hotel.

Rivers Women took the streets of Port Harcourt to protest serial killings of Rivers women in hotels.
Submit petition to CP.

The young women showed their anger and grievances over the serial killing of Rivers State women in hotel rooms, tell the commmisioner of Police to do the needful now on the serial killer(s) and bring them to book.

Speaking to Dez Mayorz Nigeria, Chika Oparaudo requested that the Police should take the hotels management responsible for not doing anything to stop the meheim.

” The serial killing of Rivers women in Hotel rooms is no longer something to just talk about without any action. It’s hightime the police and authorities took necessary action ” – Chika Oparaudo.

“Those women killed in hotel rooms are not prostitute as people wrongly refer them. They are hardworking women and entrepreneurs who go to hotel to do their businesses.”

” The authorities should take hotels management accountable and responsible of their guests. This is getting out of control “.

“It might be your sister , it might be your neighbor, it might be your wife, it might be your church members, it might be a female you know. Rivers women let your voices be heard. Let’s stop this before they kill us all ” – Chika Oparaudo said as Rivers State women submit a petition to the commissioner of police.

Five different women have been murdered on the hotel rooms since the arrival of the new police commissioner in Rivers State.

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