The prayer by Hon. Hembe from Bayelsa State calling on the Federal Government to obey courts’ orders to release El-Zakzaky. His call was supported by another lawmaker, Linda Ikpeazu, who made another prayer directing the Kaduna State Government to obey similar court order.


The Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, had put the prayer to a voice vote and the nays had it. Supporters of the prayers had protested, forcing the presiding officer to call for a division of the ‎House.

The division, which is usually called when those for and against a matter cannot be clearly determined through voice vote, means that lawmakers would be asked to relocate to either sides of the isle based on their votes.

Shortly after calling for a division and the lawmakers had started taking positions in the chamber, the Speaker asked that the process be done behind closed doors, asking the sergeants-at-arms to usher non-members out of the chamber and gallery.

Culled from Journalist101