Gov Ayade appoints 9 assistants (SA) on social Media affairs.

Gov Ayade.

Gov Ayade appoints 9 SA (aids) on social Media (Power of social media).

1. Chief Press Secretary – Chris Ita
2. Dep. Chief Press Secretary- Linus Obogo
2. SA New Media – Egbelo Ntebri
3. SA New Media – Emmanuel Ulayi
4. SA New Media – Imani Odey
5. SA New Media – Inyali Peter
6. SA New Media – Austin Ogar
7. SA New Media – Ekeng Inyang
8. SA New Media – Offiong Onoyom
9. SA New Media – pay

In the land of the wise, social media is now everything, it’s the New media, which every institution and government is encouraging and embracing now. Ignore social media Influencers at your own peril.

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