Exbrown E and Muma G

Finally Exbrown E is now dating Muma G.

It’s crystal clear that Exbrown E and Muma G are up-to something. Dez Mayorz Nigeria has been following the Experts Records artiste Exbrown E and Muma G up for the past three Months, and we are suspecting that something serious is going on between the duo.
Dez Mayorz correspondent (Victor Anyanwu) thinks the duo are dating seriously as the both have been seen severally in the night, tight together.


This is confirmed with the recent Exbrown E facebook post where he said that he is going to continue to treat Muma G right.

If they are truely going out together, congratulations to them. Whatever is going on between the duo will be fully unleashed soon.


By Okoye Chidiebele

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