Sir Collyns Owhonda.

Phlaga 2019: Only God can stop Sir Collyns Owhonda from winning the Phalga seat – IYM

A member of the Ikwerre
Youth Movement in Rivers State – Hope Gift has reinstated the readiness of Sir Collyns Owhonda to emerge victorious  in the coming election, saying is only God Almighty that can stop him, and nothing else.

Speaking to DEZ MAYORZ NIGERIA, Hope Gift showers praises on Collyns Owhonda tagging him “the modern politician of our time “.

“The love the people of Phalga Federal Constituency 2 nurse for Sir Collyns Owhonda can not be overemphasized. He will emerged victorious comes 2019 election, the modern politician of our time.” – Gift Hope told DEZ MAYORZ NIGERIA.

” There have been massive Jubilation in Port Harcourt this festive period as Sir Collyns Owhonda flamboyantly shared Christmas and new year gifts and material to the entire Phalga people. Such magnanimity is rare to experience, but Collyns Owhonda did it….
We are all ready for the election, we will massively vote him,
Nothing will stop Collyns Owhonda comes 2019, He is someone we know, trust and believe in, even the APC court case will be resolved. The oppositions know that but there is nothing they can do to stop him, only God can” – Hope Gift

There have been joy and happiness all over Port Harcourt especially in Eagle Island since the festive period began after Sir Collyns Owhonda shared bags of rice, cash, cooking condiments, Christmas packages, etc to the entire Phalga Federal Constituency people that were present on the day of the distribution.
Although some people were not able to get the Collyns Owhonda Christmas packages but a good number of people joyously received the gift.

The News of Sir Collyns Owhonda emergence as the APC flag bearer for Port Harcourt Phalga Federal Constituency 2 weeks ago has been a liberation news to many people in Port Harcourt City.

Even the market women in mile 3 market have been jubilating.
People in Eagle Island, Town, Dline, mile 1 and Diobu are all happy of the development.

“Am a PDP person but I will vote for Collyns Owhonda in APC “-Chinwo Jude said.

“It’s now crystal clear that Collyns Owhonda will secure the seat for Port Harcourt Phalga Federal Constituency.” – Hope Gift assured.

The incoming House of Reps member (Sir Collyns Owhonda) is a seasoned technocrat who is detribalised and respects the views and advises of those around him. Given his goodwill and zeal for continuous improvement, the good people of Port Harocut Fed. Constituency 2 unanimously pressured him to come and salvage the situation on the Constituency from the claws of failure and collapse.
Little wonder, as a free giver and the hope of the common man, who has made his mark on the sands of time.

Sir Collyns Owhonda is man love by all and hate by none. He is the rightful person to represent Phalga people.

(Compiled by Hope Gift).



By Dez Mayorz

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