Mile 3 Market.

Mile 3 marketers goods vanderlised and siezed for illegally selling on the roads.

The Rivers State government under the ministry of Urban Development and Physical Planning aggressively stormed Port Harcourt Mile 3 market to stop  illegal selling on the roads once and for all, after severally warning them but to no avail.

They came, scattered the traders goods and seized some.

Dez Mayorz Nigeria talked to the commisioner of Urban development and Physical planning – Reason Onya, who was physical present on the scene  and below is what he said:

This illegal traders and marketers don’t obey rules and law of the government, we have told them severally to stop selling on the road. Even the Port Harcourt Mayor Victor Ihunwo has warned them. They are causing unnecessary traffic and keeping the Port Harcourt city untidy, the government has to maintain rules and orders”.- He said.

Dez Mayorz also talked with one of the traders(Frank), who said this :

“The government has warned us to stop selling, but later on, some government people came and collected morning from us and told us that the matter has been settled. Just this money they came and collected our goods.My goods seized by the government worth #85,000. Please, the government should release our goods, we won’t sell again.” – He pleaded.

Traders and marketers should stop selling on the roads and go into various market  places for their business to avoid arrest of their goods.