2019 Phalga: Alleged defected APC members in Phalga constituency returned back to APC and debunked rumour.

The Uche Chris led group of APC members in Phalga constituency, Port Harcourt has debunked the rumour circulating on facebook that they have defected to PDP. This they made clear during their visit to Sir Collyns Owhonda house in Eagle Island, Port Harcourt on Thursday July 19th,  2018.

This is what Uche Chris (one of the Senior leaders of APC in Phalga constituency) told Dez Mayorz Nigeria. :

“We didn’t defect to PDP, It was a scam, their aim is to tarnish my image and my group.
We went to congratulate the Mayor of Phalga (Port Harcourt city) -Victor Ihunwo without knowing that the PDP arranged and set us up. We did not defect, and we are not planning to do so. Sir Collyns Owhonda is my boss and we are with him and APC. We are ready for 2019 election, what happened in Ekiti will happen in Rivers state. “- Uche Chris said.

To confirm this, Dez Mayorz Nigeria was with Sir Collyns Owhonda who hosted and embraced them, below is what Collyns told Dez Mayorz Nigeria :

“PDP RIvers state set them up, in an attempt to discredit them, so that we won’t love to work with them but their attempt has failed.
The facebook post of their defection to PDP is a scam and has no truth in it. They came and disclaimed the post and we believe them.
APC members are united and ready for 2019.”-Sir Collyns Owhonda


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