Legion of Mary.

The soldiers of Christ, known as Legion of Mary in catholic church stormed School of Health (RIVCOSTECH) in port Harcourt for their Exploratio Dominicalis – Sunday Search For Souls for a massive evangelism in the school.

Seat of Wisdom Curia (RSU catholic chaplaincy)  combined with Copos Christi cathedral(Dline) for the Search for souls.

The outdoor function started by 6:am Mass at Health of The Sick Chaplaincy, RIVCOSTECH on 17th June, 2018. Followed by Rosary, hyms and Holy Spirit invocation prayer.

The legionaries (Soldiers of Christ) then embarked on massive  evangelism around the school and the school hostels including :  Lagos, Abuja, Amaechi and Onyekwere hostels. 2 Timothy 2:3 was used as a biblical keynote.

After the evangelism, the legionaries reassembled to compile the reports. Prayer points was taken for the growth of the school, Divine vision, God’s protection, and for God to give people looking for the fruit of womb-child,  job and breakthrough among legionaries, through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary.

The comitium president bro Jude Okofia thanked all for coming as Legionaries took the concluding prayers and refreshment.

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