Sports : See how Barcelona sent Tribute to Arsenal Arsene Wenger.


Who knows? Maybe Arsene Wenger had the last laugh after all.

It may be 14 long years since the Invincibles, but such is the scale of the achievement that Arsenal team remains one of the most legendary and talked-about sides ever to grace the game.

This is despite Manchester United’s treble winners, Barcelona’s treble winners and great sides at Chelsea and Manchester City who ultimately picked up more points and won more trophies.

This has even led to some to suggest that winning one title unbeaten wasn’t really that big an achievement considering Arsenal drew 12 games, won a lot by just a one-goal margin and under-achieved in the FA Cup and Champions League.

Arsene Wenger bows out at Arsenal with his unbeaten record intact

And yet, no one else has managed anything quite like what Wenger’s team did that year – and on the day of his final game in charge of the Gunners, Barca truly paid the ultimate tribute.

Losing 5-4 to Levante, even this star-studded side playing in the supposedly non-competitive Mickey Mouse league of La Liga couldn’t quite see an Invincibles campaign through.

Understandably, Arsenal fans are absolutely loving it.

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