says he is a disgrace to the Nig. Police

Rivers State Government says SARS Commander Mr Akin Fakorede’s threat to drag her to court for libel is a joke of the century, promising that such a suit is welcome as it will afford the State Government the opportunity to expose him and show to the world that he is a disgrace to the Nigeria police and a threat to lives and democracy.

In a press statement today in Port Harcourt, the State Commissioner for Information and Communications Barr Emma Okah said the state government stands by the various publications complained of by Mr Faorede and described him as a man who has no shame and whose love for inordinate money and power has deeply blinded him up to the point of selling his integrity and compromising his commission as a senior police officer.

He likened Mr Akin Fakorede to the proverbial satanic pig that eats the crops of the farmer and still waits in ambush to attack him instead of running away.

In this regard, the Govt of Rivers State will stand shoulder to shoulder with Akin Fakorede and his sponsors in defence of the rights of Rivers people to freely choose who will represent them through free and fair elections as other Nigerians are entitled to.

“Rivers State Government is eagerly waiting for the court processes and we dare Mr Akin Fakorede to put his reputation to test” Okah said, noting that the image of Mr Fakorede is not worth a piece of tissue paper.

The statement further adds that Mr Akin Fakorede is taking advantage of the rising moral decay in our society as otherwise, in an ideal situation, his likes ought to be roting away in jail for the attrocities of polluting the electoral process in an alarming scale.

On the demand for the sum of N2Billion as compensation for libel, Okah said Mr Fakorede is a gold digger whose reputation has evaporated and wondered the basis for such a laughable claim.

Rivers State Givernment reiterates that Mr Akin Fakorede is not a fit and proper person to be a Nigeria police officer of any rank by virtue of his direct involvement in crimes bordering on election rigging, violence, and assaults on the bodies and sensibilities of some Nigerians.

The Commissioner said even though nobody was infallible, the minimum course of sensible conduct expected of Mr Fakorede against the background of the wrong he has inflicted in the State is to apologise and seek God’s face. Certainly, a hollow threat of litigation is far below expectation.

We expect that he will heed this advise and act well by treating Rivers people with deserving respect and dignity.

Emma Okah

Hon Commissioner for Information and Communications

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