Fr Chimaobi.

Holy Spirit dwells more in Nigeria than any other country – Fr Chimaobi.

The celebrity catholic priest – Father Chimaobi Ohaji Casmir told his congregation on Pentecost Sunday 2018 that Nigeria is the home of the Holy Spirit. He made this known during his sermon at Church Of The Ascension Catholic Church, Eagle Island 8:00am Pentecost Mass. He charges Christians to be happy always especially during the Mass.

“….The spirit of God renew the face of the church, and removes fear.
With joy we will take water from the house of the Lord. Christians should always be happy. Nigerians and Africans can’t separate Thanksgiving dance from worship…… Even when there are no music sounds, Nigerians will always dance to the altar unlike Americans and Europe who can’t dance much in worship even with the best of music instruments…..Holy Spirit dwells more in Nigeria than any other country….. This Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Church, so Christians should be spirit filled and happy to celebrate.
Pentecost is the party of children of God….”-some of the Fr Chimaobi sermon speech.

During the Mass the congregation prayed in different 15 languages including Latin , Efik, Igbo, Ogoni, Hausa, Yoruba, etc.

Pentecost is the annual Christian festival commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his ascension from earth to heaven on Ascension Day. It always falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. Pentecost means “fiftieth day”, as it is celebrated on
Pentecost Sunday , the 50th day of the Easter season (including Easter Sunday , the first day, in the counting). Catholics and some Christian denominations consider it to be the birthday of the Christian church and celebrate it as such. It can fall as early as May 10th and as late as June 13th.

This year 2018 and upwards, Pope Francis has declared and dedicates Pentecost Monday in honour of the Mother of the Church – Blessed Virgin Mary.

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