Cost of Building a Storey Building in Southern Nigeria.(south East and south south).

Well it depends on the kind of foundation you will use.But let me give you a standard break down.
For this 2bdrm flat storey building this cost I will assume perfct for the project and for the pix above that exactly will go for the quote:
*Sand for the whole carcass work to roof 10trucks@ 18,000=N180,000
*190bags of cement @N1950=N 370,500
*9inches blocks,that is 3,200 blocks @ N150= N480,000
*6inches blocks, that is 2,200 blocks @130= N286,000
*60tons of granite @ 150,000 per 30tons= N300,000
1and1/2 tons of 16mm @115k per ton= 172,250
*1 ton of 12mm @115 per ton= 115,000
*20trucks of laterite @ 10k per truck= 200,000
*1x12x12 80length @700 = 56,000
*4 and 3inches 1bag each= 11,000
*Stirrups 1 tons= 70,000
*General labour= 700,000
*Supervision= 300,000
*Decking= 1,700,000
Total should be around N5,000,000(Can handle this for you if you have an idea of the design you want)
This quote is based on a building project I handled in Abia state Nigeria,I think the prices there are more or less than this but for the quantity of materials similar that’s what you will be needing.


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