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Burial: Wadachukwu Boms family announce the exit and burial of Late Roseline Tasie Boms in Elekahia.

Madam Roseline Tasie Boms burial.  Celebration of life. The family of Wadachukwu in Boms community, Elekahia, announce the exit and burial of Roseline Tasie Boms. Aged = 97 years. Burial arrangements :   Friday 19th April 2019 – Service of songs to be conducted by Shield of Faith Global Mission Inc. Venue – No. 10 […]

Man breaks record, Buried His Girlfriend With An Exotic Hummer Jeep Instead Of Coffin.

Man buried girlfriend with Hummer jeep. Billionaire Burial!  Man Buries His Girlfriend With A Hummer Jeep Instead Of Coffin. Shocked? don’t be. Different strokes for different folks as they say. Besides, what’s wrong with going the extra mile to prove your love, even in death? A Nigerian billionaire whose name has been given as Chief Ade Azikiwe […]