Am From South South (Delta) And We Are Biafrans – Greg Onyeka Counters Edwin Clarke Position.

Am From South South (Delta) And We Are Biafrans – Greg Onyeka Counters Edwin Clarke Position.

Dez Mayorz Report.

Greg Onyeka Said;

“I am a pure Igbo breed from Delta State and my entire people are Biafrans and must be with our brothers.

I thought Edwin Clarke is educated enough to know that South South is simply a geopolitical region & have Igbos too.
He should therefore speak for himself & not for d people. Ndi betrayals bcos of small money.” – Greg Onyeka said.

Also, Collins Okoye has categorically told Edwin Clarke that all the Igbo Biafrans will definitely join Biafra nation incase the Ijaws or any other tribes want to evict themselves from the modern Biafra.

“Offcourse the South South in modern time have the right and may decide to pull out of the coming new nation called Biafra but Igbos in South South (Anioma, etc) won’t because they are all 100% Biafrans including the Igbos in the South South and Benue.
We are not unity beggars. Never!
We have all the capacity, human resource capacity, energy and proficiency to excel as best country in the world” – Collins Okoye replies Edwin Clarke.

Dez Mayorz Media earlier reported that Edwin Clarke is not comfortable with Nnamdi Kanu agitations, says South South are not part Biafra.

Edwin Clark tells BBC that
IPOB is very unrealistic and IPOB not pursuing the right thing.

From the look of things, it seems that the emergence of Biafra is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time.
It will either be 100% Igbo Biafra (If Ijaws, others pull out) or Biafra as of the Old Eastern Region (with Igbos, Ijaws, Efik, etc).

South East and South South analogy can’t play out, that is why Referendum is the solution.

Dez Mayorz Report.


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