By Stephen Woke.

The non-political class in Rivers State and beyond have bemoaned the on-going beef and altercation between the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and the executive governor of Rivers State Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike, say such Continous malice from both is evil, unprecedented and impedes growth and development in Rivers state. This misunderstanding between the duo have lasted for years and should be settled.

The Rivers people want the duo to keep their sword and unite for peace and progress to grow in the state.

The worst of it all is that the duo always run to the main stream media (Called Yoruba media) to castigate each other thinking those media will help them. They spend millions of money on the main stream media attacking each other, without using same amount of money to build indigenous media platforms in Rivers State.

When last did the duo (Wike and Amaechi) visited Rivers State Television (RSTV) or any other indigenous state media platforms to speak to their people?
They don’t because they don’t want to build, develop and invest in their local Media, they prefer to use the one built by other states.

The duo are no longer accessible except you are from high political class. Even their aides are very arrogant, inaccessible and irresponsible with few exceptions. Thereby killing dreams and ideas because of their negligence instead of using their offices to develop such.

Back to the main point, Rotimi Amaechi and Nyesom Wike should find a way and work together for common goal. We call on them to unite.

Below is the recent statements Gov Wike spitted on his brother Rotimi Amaechi.(next post will be on statement Amaechi made on his brother Nyesom Wike).

1. Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike says his predecessor, Rotimi Amaechi was more interested in awarding political projects to boost his personal ego than delivering services to Rivers people.

2. Governor Wike said that a project like Justice Karibi Whyte Hospital was a scam because it gulped $39.9 Million on paper as there is nothing to show at the proposed site.

3. According to him, the sum of N65 Billion was spent on the 1.2 kilometers Monorail Project which was conceived as a white elephant project.

4. He said most of such political projects existed either on the pages of Newspapers or were used to settle political allies.

5. The Governor said that Amaechi and his political allies after siphoning huge sums of money from the State left behind uncompleted projects.

6. “Amaechi does not have the moral ground to talk about development in the State when he wasted so much financial resources on non existing projects.

7. “Go round the State, you will never see anything that looks like Justice Karibi -Whyte Hospital. It is a scam that never existed.

8 “Again, tell me what is the traffic along Azikwe Road that a 1.2 kilometers Monorail Project will be awarded for over 65 Billion Naira.

9. “When I came into office, I was told that it will cost about 30 Billion Naira to complete that project. If I have such money, I will build more infrastructure across the State.

10. “His Economic Advisory Council led by Prof. Nimi Briggs published a document. The records covered the activities of his administration from 2007 to 2014.

11. “On education, the council recorded that 485 primary schools were proposed for construction. Some existing old schools were demolished when they required rehabilitation.

12. “Work actually started on 478 schools but only 116 schools were completed across the State. Amaechi also awarded 15 Modern Secondary Schools for 15 Local Government Areas at over Four Billion Naira each. Only the Ambassador Nne Krukrubo School in Eleme Local Government was completed and functional before he left office”, he stated.

13. The Governor noted that Amaechi was a self seeking leader who paraded himself as one that knows it all.

14. Governor Wike said there are foremost schools that had produced prominent Nigerians in the State that should have been rehabilitated but he abandoned them to embark on the abandoned projects.

15. He stated that unlike Amaechi that kills dreams and projects of other people, he voted money to complete road projects his predecessor initiated.

16. The Governor also berated Amaechi for saying that there is insecurity in Rivers State when he is the one who determines heads of security agencies that should be posted to the State.

17. “Rivers State is safer than any other State. See what is happening in Borno, Kaduna and Plateau States where bandits have taken over their areas.

18. “When Amaechi was Governor, Julius Berger Nigeria PLC was chased away because of insecurity. But they are here now, constructing roads all over the State without fear.

19. “Amaechi’s hometown, Ubima is a place you have a large number of cultists that he uses. The heads of security agencies he influences their postings, come here and see the reality on ground that the State is safe,” he added.

20. He has done any serious project in Rivers State as a minister of Transportation.

Follow my next writings to see the 20 things Amaechi recently spitted on his brother Nyesom Wike.


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