Unite And Take Over – Chukwudi Dimkpa Charges Nigerian Youths

Unite And Take over.

-Learn A Skill Irespective Of What You Study In School – Chukwudi Dimkpa Tells Nigerian Youth.

The director of Strata Base Group, Engineer Chukwudi Dimkpa has encouraged all the Nigerian youths to learn a skilled work and add to their certificates.

This he told newsmen when the organizers of South East and South South award of Excellence (DMOMA AWARD) paid him a courtesy visit in his D-line, Port Harcourt office.

The lion of youth impact in southern Nigeria, Honourable Engr. Chukwudi Dimkpa tells the Youth to be proactive because now and future belongs to the youths.
Below is some of the excerpt of his statements.

“Today, when you come out from school, you are on your own.
The job market is saturated, companies are even sacking their workers now. So no jobs available to meet up with the rate at which schools produce graduates.”

“What we can do for the youth is to help and build them into entrepreneurs, so that they won’t be stranded.
Once you start encouraging them into entrepreneurship, they will grow to employ in their own company hence creating jobs to the society.”

“Learn A Skill irespective of what you study In School.
Let’s also embrace Information and Communication Technology, that’s the world we are now. Invest and learn ICT.”

“Also, DMOMA Award organizers should put focus on the younger ones to encourage them and inspire other younger ones to sit up.” – Engr Chukwudi Dimkpa said.

He reminded the youths of their capacity and strength to be incharge of the country if they work together as one.

“The voting strength in Nigeria is 18-45 age bracket.
This age bracket can get anything they want.
Forget people saying that our votes don’t count, our votes don’t count because we dont protect our votes.”

“Don’t die for any politician during election. If the politicians don’t involve their children, don’t get involved either.” -He advised.

“Let the youth know that the power is in their hands. The day the youth come together and say this is what they want. They will definitely get it, whether is AAA party or PPP party.
The youth should know that they are the deciders and should decide that enough is enough and stop to be praise singers- social-media- Influencers, just because of data you intend to get…. ”

“Set your goals and works towards achieving it. It won’t be easy but keep on.
Hunger doesn’t kill, don’t allow hunger or lack of fund distract you from your goals.
Plan, because when opportunity meets with plans, you get successful, that’s what people call lock” -Engjneer Dimkpa postulated.

The amiable engineer is loved in South East and South South. Last year he won so many credible awards from various groups, organisations and agency and he has continue to excel this year 2020.

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