Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, another sector that needs a serious proactive probing, investigation and forensic auditing in their financial affairs and methodology.

Taking Dez Mayorz Media and PHED worker (Clinton) saga as a case study.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should investigate PHED corrupted estimated Bills on their customers. They are really exploiting the citizens in the name “We must meet up with our target and raised additional #30billion from Port Harcourt City”.

The New PHED director, Henry Ajagbawa is very desperate to make money for the company without giving a quality output to the people. He is ready to force and kill his customers in a bid to force and exploit the poor masses to pay what they didn’t use.
They even brag and boast of having thousands of lawyers who will bail them out in any evil they commit.

From the PHED view, they are loosing over #3billion naira weekly in Port Harcourt City and will do anything to recover their estimated bills.

The Managing Director Henry Ajagbawa has equipped his local workers with fully armed men to attack, brutalise and possibly kill anyone who questions their methodology.

Recently in Eagle Island, PHED Eagle Island Manager Mr Clinton with fully armed men attacked, brutalized and assaulted a journalist.
They destroy the journalist phone and tore his shirt, infact, he escaped being killed by PHED (by God’s Grace), just because he was videoing the evil act the Eagle Island PHED manager was doing with the corrupted armed men he came with.

They (PHED) are very dull and inactive in providing prepaid Meters to the masses, but they want to make billions in darkness.

Rivers State Governor Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON should rescue the Rivers State people from the evil plan the PHED director and his workers have in Rivers State and ensure they are stopped before they kill innocent Rivers State people.
The State Government who love to protect the lives of his citizens should ensure the PHED duely compensate the journalist they brutalized in Eagle Island, Port Harcourt.

The Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company should not be allowed to move with fully armed men in a peaceful streets and town of Port Harcourt, because there is no war in Rivers State, the state is safer now, to avoid unnecessary scene, before the armed men will turn to something else.

PHED should know that the people they attack and brutalize are nothing but their customers.

Written by:
Stephen Woke.


By Okoye Chidiebele

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