FFK mourns Amaechi on Bayelsa Whales massacre.

Bayelsa whales.


By Femi Fani-Kayode

I thought that I had seen it all but this one really shocked me and brought tears to my eyes. I wept for the poor whale, whom I have decided to name Rotimi, and I wept for Nigerians.

If you are a whale please do not make the mistake of washing up on a Nigerian beach!

You will be hacked to pieces with matchets by a group of hungry and angry youths, they will carve out all your meat and they will eat you to the bone.

In virtually all other countries whales that stray on a beach are treated with humanity, kindness, compassion and love and are assisted and pushed back into the sea by the locals so that they may live.

Please bear in mind that whales are not fish but, like dolphins, they are mammals. They are not cold-blooded creatures but, like human beings, they are warm-blooded entities. They are also, unless hunted, provoked or attacked, gentle and kind. They do not behave like cold-blooded sharks or eat human beings and they do not attack defenceless creatures.

There are even international laws that protect whales from being slaughrered in the sea!

Sadly in our case it is different: in Nigeria when they wash up on our beaches and shores we bludgeon them to death, butcher them, carve them up to the bone and serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😭😭😭😡.

This goes to prove that as a people we have lost our sense of decency, humanity and compassion. Hunger and our inability to have any empathy for the objects and victims of our savagery and barbarity has turned us into shameless and conciousless monsters.

Worse still, many in our shores are actually prepared to attempt to justify our cruelty and savagery as consequence of our delusional, psychotic, psychopathic and sociopathic disposition.

As an example, sixty people were killed at a funeral by Boko Haram two days ago and nobody in Nigeria really cares. It hardly even gets a mention in the local press and the international press gave up on us years ago.

Again thousands are killed by Fulani herdsmen on a weekly basis ALL OVER the country but the news is buried and supressed, the Government does not care and there is no sense of outrage from the people!

That is the level to which we have descended and degenerated to today in Nigeria today.

Sacred life, whether it be that of a human being or an animal, means absolutely nothing to us and when it is taken we no longer bat an eyelid.

A whale called Rotimi washes up on our shores and within hours it is hacked to pieces to the BONE! Think about that for one minute! TO THE BONE! We did not leave one piece of flesh on that poor creatures body!

That is what we have become: beasts with no mercy or compassion. And we revel and take pleasure in it and boast about it.

I don’t know about you but the whole thing makes me feel so ashamed. It makes me feel sick and it also sends shivers down my spine.

We have been transformed into a hard-hearted, cruel, vicious, impoverished, hungry, evil and wicked people who have no regard for the life of human beings or animals.

No wonder the first and fourth most deadly terrorist organisations in the world thrive and flourish with impugnity in our shores.

I am sure that some misguided Nigerians, who derive joy and take pleasure in the taking of life and who enjoy witnessing the flow of blood, boast about that too!

It really is so sad. Cruelty, Nigeria is thy name!

Okoye Chidiebele

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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