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I must admit that your question is really an interesting one and there are many things to consider, like region that will be called Biafra Republic.

1. Biafra with Niger Delta’s and

2. Biafra without the Niger Delta’s


Biafra with Niger Delta’s

Close to 80% of Nigeria cash are gotten from crude oil sales which comes from Niger Delta state so Biafra with Niger Delta’s will survive,not only survive,they will be Japan of African but only if they manage their resources well.

Biafra without the Niger Delta’s

I read somewhere that it will be landlocked and will have to use Nigeria air space and land border if they where to connect to the outside world which is true but one thing am sure of is that if Biafrans separate from Nigeria,other region will separate immediately and there will be NO NIGERIA so Biafra government can make friends with their neighbor and solve her landlocked problem.

How Biafra can survive with or without Niger Delta’s.

Biafra has large deposit of coal.when I say large I really meant large I.e in commercial quantity and they are located in Enugu state.

Crude oil deposits in IMO,Anambra and Enugu but not in commercial quantity but can serve the region need.

Palm fruit : During the colonial period,the first sea port was built in Calaber and the main export commodity was palm fruit, I believe the Biafrans can still make this sector viable .

Biafrans controls 75% or more of business in Nigeria and their relocation will cause major decrease in some state GDP .

Remittance from Nigerians living abroad to the economy has hit $35 billion in 2016, Senior Special Assistant to the president on Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has said.

80% of Nigeria living abroad are Biafra and if you do a simply maths you can see that Biafrans in Diaspora can contribute 28 billion dollars to Biafra economy.

Biafrans are industrial: you may not believe me if i tell u that a Biafran produced from scratch izuogu z600 car in 1997.

Izuogu Z-600 – Wikipedia. But the pull them down spirit in Nigeria destroyed the project.

And the list continues but time may not permit me.

I will like the add the benefits of Biafrans Republic to its citizens.

1) No RUGA or anything close to it. Biafrans will live in peace without fear of being murder by northern Faluni herdsmen.

2) Biafrans will not have to feed the northern parasites with her resources.

3) Biafrans will not be marginalized again .

4) Biafrans will retaliate fully to any intruder in her region .


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