Dumo Lulu-Briggs.


Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has promised Rivers State a clean Politics devoid of bitterness and hate. He also said that even Governor Wike will be happy he won the election.

The Accord Governorship candidate said these yesterday, 4th February while briefing newsmen at the party’s campaign office after the day’s Carnival Procession that took party members and supporters through the streets of Port Harcourt Local Government Area.

His words, “we want to play Politics the way it is supposed to be played; the way it was played by our forebears; the way it is played in other climes where the people are regarded as very important. Politicians in Rivers State are used to taking the people for granted. All they do is gather one area and expect the people to come to them. For us in the Accord, we are taking our message to the people rather than invite them to come and watch us at some venue.”

“This election is about the people. So, we must take the message to them. What is more important is that we are able to provide the dividends of democracy. Rivers people expect jobs, they are going to get jobs. They expect quality education and quality healthcare; they will get them. We are determined to rise to the pressing needs of this time. And I live in the inspiration of the pressing needs of the present time.”

“Good governance starts from the foundation which is Politics. We are committed to getting the Politics right. We are going to get the governance right, and we shall get the Economy right.”

Reacting to questions about the destruction of his billboards and posters, he said, “Even when people are misled to carry out the wrong actions, we are going to show them the way by carrying out the right actions. It will be on record that we changed the language of Politics in Rivers State. We have to clean up our politics.”

“I Know that even Nyesom Wike will be happy I won the election because he knows that there will be no bitterness, and no actions will be taking against him. His pensions shall be paid in full and as at when due. The Government of Dumo Lulu-Briggs shall accommodate all irrespective of party lines, language, religion and sentiments.”

It is a public knowledge that the Accord Party has kick-started its campaign in Rivers State. The Carnival Procession which is one of its kind in the country kicked off from Port Harcourt City on the 4th of February. The Director of Communication of the party’s Campaign Organization, Mr. Ijuye Dagogo, had earlier released an itinerary showing the LGAs movement plan. By that document, the campaign moves to Ahoada West today 5th February. Andoni Opobo/Nkoro 7th, Khana and Gokana 8th, Obio/Akpor 9th, Onelga 11th, Ikwerre 12th, Abua/Odual and Ahoada East 14th, Phalga second phase, 18th, Tai and Eleme 19th, Bonny 21st, Omuma and Etche 22nd, Ogu/Bolo, Okrika and Oyigbo 23rd; Akulga, Delga, Asalga 25th and Emohua 26th.


With the massive turnout of Rivers people in Accord party activities and happenings around the Rivers Political terrain, it is clear that Accord party has taken the momentum and is well positioned to win the battle for the Bricks. It is also a popular thinking within the state that the incumbent Governor has a slim chance with Dumo Lulu-Briggs as the contender given his (Dumo’s) clean record and public influence; plus the obvious clamour by Rivers people for a new narrative and measurable change in Rivers governance.

Uche Woke
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