APC Rivers court saga.

Written by Hon. Peter Goodluck aka Buba.

As a political adviser, I have taking time to brainstorm if the APC can recover from these court cases here and there before the 2019 general elections in Rivers State.
Believe me, APC can not recover. Meaning it is game over for APC as far as 2019 general elections are concerned in Rivers State.
To me, I would have wanted APC candidates in these elections. Because I know any election that is free, fair and credible PDP will always win.
Because I know APC have no bearing as far as Rivers State politics is concerned. If INEC conduct a free, fair and credible election one hundred times PDP will win all in Rivers State.
With the good works governor Wike has done, and he is still doing; no sane man will go and vote for any other party in this state.
PDP don’t need to campaign in Rivers State. Governor Wike and other leaders of PDP have successfully turned PDP into an election winning machine that is positioned to surmount any opposition.
The PDP’s problem is not Rivers State. Our problem is how to take over Asorock. And come 2019, we shall surmount the APC and take over Asorock.
The people of Ikwerre local government area where I come from, Rivers state and indeed Nigerians have rejected the APC. So many of their political actors are defecting to PDP and other political parties under CUPP that have adopted Atiku as their candidate on daily bases.
Why will people not defect. The APC have failed in all their promises. From insecurity to the fight against corruption.
We have a case where Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi was indicted by a commission of inquiry for looting Rivers State yet the APC people are shielding him.
In other civilised countries Amaechi is supposed to resign and be prosecuted.
Where has the APC gotten it right. That is why their plan is to rig the 2019 general elections. That is why the president has refused to sign the Electoral Act because he knows he will be voted out of office if he signs it. But I trust the Nigerian Senate.  One man can’t seat and decides what will happen in this country. Decisions will be reached and the president will be voted out.
The APC in Rivers State don’t have the people with them. And if you don’t have the people how will you win?
For those APC people that didn’t understand the court judgement. The court said, Tonye Dele Cole and all other Rivers APC candidates are disqualified.
Meaning that APC don’t have candidates in these coming general elections as far as Rivers State is concerned.
Meaning that, Ezemonye Ezekiel Amadi, Azubuike Wanjoku that are in my constituency and Andrew Uchendu, Tonye Dele Cole are not candidates. They can not contest these 2019 general elections. They can go home and wait for 2023.
Am sorry for you people, it’s the court decision.  You people can retire and go and do farm work till 2023.
The people of Ikwerre local government area and of course all Rivers State people have chosen PDP and so shall it be!
Hon. Peter Goodluck aka Buba.
Special Adviser on Political Matters and Strategy to the chairman of Ikwerre LGA of Rivers State.


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